We’re an office manager’s best friend.  We know how busy office managers are and our goal is to help with all things technical.  PHI needs to be protected, HIPAA rules need to be implemented and followed.  Employee training, documentation, policies and procedures, security risk assessments, audits, remediation…you name it, we can help you with it.

How will we help you?

  • First we’ll come in and do a free HIPAA audit of both your network and physical setup.
  • Next, we’ll perform remediation, fixing all issues and making the office HIPAA compliant.
  • Then we’ll implement Managed Services (backup, antivirus, patch management, monitoring, reporting, asset tracking and inventory, and more)
  • We can then perform a Security Risk Assessment (a Meaningful Use requirement), to show the office is compliant
  • We will package all required documents, policies and procedures, forms, training material, etc., into your own HIPAA binder so that you may survive a Health and Human Services Audit with confidence.
  • We will of course provide you with on-site and remote IT support, scheduled or on-call, at a reduced rate based on your Managed Service subscription.

Who have we helped? (below is a list of just a few practices we are helping):

  • Park Surgical Associates
  • Greater Boston Urology
  • Middleboro Pediatrics
  • Thoracic Associates
  • Dr. George Gagne
  • Dr. Mark Lessing
  • Dr. Roman Santos
  • Dr. Shirley Greene
  • Dr. Anthony Spiri
  • Dr. Edguardo Angeles


Whether you’re a single provider that wants help with compliance, or a large practice with several providers that wants to provide assistance for their office manager to get the office compliant.  We can answer all your questions, provide low cost assistance and get your office where it needs to be.

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