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Over-C IT & Medical was formerly Lakeville Computer Center.  We were both a break/fix shop, allowing residential customers to drop off their PC’s for repair, and an IT provider for local businesses.

Over the years we acquired many business customers in the private medical practice field and because of the regulations these practices are required to follow, we found that this sector is in need of the most help and we have made it our mission to provide these practices with everything they need to meet all the government regulations, get and stay HIPAA compliant, protect patient information, and reduce their liability.

We accomplish this task by providing what are now known as Managed Services.  These are services that are necessary for every business and that traditionally were handled by those business, but because of the increased complexity of these services and the requirement, at least in the medical field, of having to monitor the health of these services on a daily basis, are now handled by companies like ours.  An example of a managed service is antivirus/firewall software.  In the past a typical small company would purchase a copy of antivirus software for every PC.  They would either have an IT company like ours, or have someone within the company install and possibly configure the software (auto updates, nightly scans, etc.).  Once done, the typical customer would assume the antivirus software was updating regularly, catching all viruses and spyware, and forget about it.  The problem with this is that more often than not, one or more PC’s in the customer’s network would experience virus related issues.  It could be because a virus got by the AV software and disabled the AV software, allowing more viruses and spyware to get in.  The AV software stopped updating or working correctly, because maybe the user installed a conflicting application or downloaded an update that caused a problem for AV software, or in many cases the AV subscription just ran out and stopped downloading virus definition files or stopped working all together.  For these reasons, HIPAA has created rules to prevent these scenarios.  The best way to abide by these rules is to have a third party company like Over-C IT & Medical, oversee the whole process, from installation, to configuration, implementation, and reporting.  Whatever services to which you subscribe (antivirus, backup, or patch management), we install it, configure it, monitor it, and report back to you.  This keeps things running smoothly and makes us more of a business partner than an IT shop, because our goal is to reduce the number of incidents and service calls you have to make.  We don’t want to be reactive and only deal with our customers after something breaks or isn’t working correctly,  we want to be proactive and eliminate the need for service calls and reduce down time for our customers, keeping them less frustrated and more productive.



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